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The Peace Formula

Our world has become an unspeakable nightmare.
Peace is destroyed replaced by brutal warfare.
All hell is breaking loose on this planet right now,
And for stopping it the leaders have no idea how.


Here is the peace formula. Please take it my friends.
Please take it. You’ll see. It will not fail.
Here is the peace formula. Please take it, my friends.
Please take it. Surely peace will prevail.

We come into this world possessing nothing.
And we leave from this world with absolutely nothing.
But in the middle we fight and kill claiming this is mine.
Ignoring the real owner who reclaims everything in time.



Now listen here all of you world leaders.
If you want real peace, this you must now understand.
There’s a Supreme Proprietor to whom everything belongs.
What you think is yours is just now slipping through your hands.
Acknowledge that Supreme Owner, Enjoyer, and Friend.
Peace will come and this turmoil will completely end.



Please take it. Worldwide peace will prevail.
Spoken: Please take it. Please take it. Please take it.

(Note: Extra singers on the chorus are from the Island Baptist Church at South Padre Island, Texas)