About Sankarshan Das

Sankarshan Das is a singer-songwriter rooted in the counter-cultural era of the 1960's who shared the stage with such musical greats as the Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead and who became an instant sensation on the University of Texas campus in 1970 with his daily concerts at the George Washington statue and his stint as the house musician for the Sattva vegetarian restaurant. Seeking a message that could totally revolutionize the human civilization he underwent a period of deep prayer and meditation in which he was blessed with profound spiritual realizations inspiring him to write songs of deep significance in the same league as George Harrsion's mega hit, "My Sweet Lord."


An ancient scripture has predicted that this time in history will blessed  with the total spiritual awakening of the entire human society. So now Sankarshan Das is on mission to bring about the fulfillment of that prediction. Study his message songs deeply. Embrace them within your heart of hearts. Apply them in your every thought, word, and deed. Your life and the world around will become amazingly, magically transformed.